Tastings by Reservation Only Thursday - Sunday
Tastings by Reservation Only Thursday - Sunday

2024 Total Eclipse

Join Uplift Vineyards for an Exclusive Experience on One of The Most Special Days in Hill Country History

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Uplift will be celebrating the total solar eclipse, occurring on April 8, 2024 with an intimate all-day event featuring some of the greatest talents in the world of food and wine. 


Experience a celestial moment that will not occur in our area for another 360 years at our private 55-acre vineyard situated in the area considered most likely to be without cloud cover in the U.S., with nearly 4 and a half minutes of total eclipse. 


Uplift Viticultural Society Members receive Member Pricing for up to Two Tickets ($775 per ticket). Each Additional Ticket is Full Price. Gates will open at 8:30 AM, with a full day of activities available to our guests.

Jesse Griffiths, James Beard Award Winning Chef/Owner of Dai Due restaurant in Austin

Brunch and Dinner cooked Live Fire by Jesse Griffiths

Brunch Menu
Dinner Menu

Food Provided by James Beard Award Winning Chef & Owner, Jesse Griffiths

Texas chef Jesse Griffiths is passionate about cooking wild game and sourcing local ingredients for Dai Due, his nationally renowned restaurant in Austin. He is also an enthusiastic advocate for hunting. Jesse will be cooking live fire throughout the event, with entirely hunted, foraged, and locally sourced ingredients for both brunch and dinner. 


Brunch will preview one of Dinner's star features as Jesse will be getting a whole boar going early on the spit. Utilizing the hot coal beds of the spit, Jess will cook homemade biscuits and cinnamon rolls in Dutch ovens placed on the coals. To fill out this breakfast buffet, grills will heat braised greens, sausage gravy, and batches of scrambled eggs made to order. Seasonal strawberries and oranges will be used to provide some nice breakfast beverage options. 



For dinner, a family-style sit-down menu. The first course will be a journey through lots of flavors, temperatures, and textures followed by big grilled meats; Spit-Roasted Boar Shredded and Presented, Grass-Fed Grilled Ribeye, Smoked Aoudad Sausage, and Grilled Quail. Those meats will be served alongside spring herbs and grilled vegetables. The meal will conclude with a very simple, lightly sweetened dessert in the form of Strawberries with Whipped Cream and Lime. Of course, no meal at the vineyard is complete without Texas wine that will pair with every course.

Master Blending Session with Jean Hoefliger and Claire Richardson

Enjoy a select tasting of never-released wines before embarking on the creation of our Limited Edition Uplift Eclipse Red Wine. Unlike any other wine tasting, this hands-on experience immerses you in both the creativity and science of composing a wine blend, while being guided by two of the best winemakers working in the industry.

Jean Hoefliger

Born amidst the scenic grandeur of Switzerland, Jean Hoefliger embarked on a remarkable journey that would cement his name among the world's finest winemakers. His journey began at home in Switzerland and would lead him to the storied winemaking regions of Bordeaux and South Africa, where he lent his burgeoning talents to renowned estates such as Château Lynch-Bages, Château Carbonnieux, and Meerlust. Spurred by a relentless desire to excel, Jean transitioned to California, where his virtuoso skills gracefully matured during a five-year tenure at Newton Vineyard before he eventually opened Alpha Omega, serving both as its winemaker and General Manager.

His canvas has expanded from Napa Valley to Switzerland and even Texas as a consulting winemaker, extracting the essence of the terroir to create a wine that resonates with the locale's spirit. Flaunting a glittering array of accolades - multiple 100-point wines and endless 90-point listings - Jean's status in the oenological realm remains without question. Jean has served as a winemaking consultant for Uplift since our inaugural 2020 vintage. His tireless pursuit of perfection, coupled with his ability to harmonize nature's bounty into world-class wines, is a vivid testament to his expansive knowledge and fervor for winemaking. 

Claire Richardson

Steering Uplift's winemaking program with an unyielding passion and trailblazing vision is the reputable Claire Richardson, whose journey with William Chris Vineyards would begin with the 2018 harvest. A proud alumna of Texas A&M, Claire's wine odyssey would be transcontinental, oscillating between the picturesque vineyards of Hye, Texas, and the captivating wine regions of New Zealand, soaking in the nuances of two distinct landscapes across two memorable harvest seasons.

Today, as the head winemaker for Uplift since its coveted inaugural 2020 vintage, Claire brings an innovative and audacious approach to her craft. Richly influenced by her varied experiences, from the tranquil vineyards of Marlborough to the stunning landscapes of Waiheke Island, her wines carry whispers of these diverse terroirs. She is a vibrant advocate for Texas, ardently believing in its potential to rise as one of the world's premier wine-growing regions. Her indomitable spirit and pioneering methods have already made an indelible impact on Uplift, with her 2020 Aglianico garnering a 91-point score and clinching the esteemed silver medal at the 2023 Decanter World Wine Awards. Claire's story continues to unfold, one Uplift vintage at a time.

Eclipse Commentary and Education

Prepare for an unparalleled celestial spectacle at Uplift Vineyard—the prime viewing location for the total solar eclipse in April 2024. Nestled in a 55-acre, our vineyard is situated in the zone with the highest probability of clear skies in the nation, guaranteeing unimpeded views of a celestial dance that won't return to our corner of the cosmos for another 360 years.

During the event, anticipate around 4.5 mesmerizing minutes of totality—an ethereal sight where day turns to twilight. Our bespoke experience not only offers an unforgettable front-row seat to this extraterrestrial spectacle but intensifies it with expert talks and commentary throughout the day from a resident astronomer. As we anticipate the sky's grand ballet, we'll also ensure your safety, providing essential eclipse glasses for the event. 
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Additional Details

Enjoying the Total Eclipse with us at Uplift Vineyards is an all-day, all-inclusive event. In addition to Brunch and Dinner cooked by Jesse Griffiths, Uplift will also provide additional food throughout the day. Guests will also enjoy curated activities, surprises, and gifts throughout the day from Uplift & Friends. You will take home two bottles of Uplift Eclipse Red Wine, an extremely limited edition wine produced only for this moment with a one-of-a-kind label! 

If you are looking to come early and stay the evening of the event, we do have RV spots available for sale. Click Here to find additional details and to purchase a spot. 

Join us at Uplift Vineyard, a place where our love for exquisite wines meets the celestial wonder, leading to an intoxicating viewing experience of a lifetime—set against a backdrop of sprawling vineyards under an otherworldly, corona-streaked sky. Only 70 tickets are available for this rare spectacle! Please do not hesitate to contact us with any additional questions you may have.